The Growing Statue tells the story of Walter Zavaczki, a middle-aged sculptor who lives with his family in a small town located at Romania’s heart, Transylvania. His greatest achievement is a 23 meter-high statue of Jesus Christ made of stainless steel, located on the top of a hill overseeing his hometown. He supports his family by doing commissioned statues that don’t satisfy him as an artist, which makes him grow distant and more absorbed by his work. As his elder teenage son is uninterested in sculpture, Walter is trying to pass the craft little by little to his five year old son, Krisztofer. In the beginning, this is just another child play for him. But gradually, we see the boy trying to learn his father’s passion, in order to get closer to him.

Directed by Dragoș Hanciu
Cinematography by Dragoș Hanciu
Editing by Alex Popescu

Documentary, 201?