Ionaș Dreams of Rain / Ionaș visează că plouă

In the middle of the night, Ionas, an old Romanian peasant, watches for the wild boars that could ravage his cornfield. He dreams of his father and believes that this dream will bring rain. But usually wild boars come with the rain...
A short that takes us somewhere else, placing ourselves between the natural and the supernatural, sleep and death, the long time of the present and the snatches of the past.

Luciano Barisone, former artistic director of Visions du Réel

Directed by Dragoș Hanciu
Cinematography by Dragoș Hanciu, Ileana Szasz
Editing by Maria Bălănean
Sound by Vlad Voinescu, Filip Mureșan
Produced by Aristoteles Workshop

Ionaș Dreams of Rain, 28 minutes
Documentary, 2017

Awards and nominations

Aristoteles Workshop - Romania, 2016: Best Film Award (2016 edition of the workshop)
Visions du Réel- Switzerland, 2017: Premiers Pas (world premiere)
NexT IFF - Romania, 2017: International Competition (national premiere)
Filmul de Piatră - Romania, 2017: Documentary Competition - Audience Award, Special Jury Mention
Docuart - Romania, 2017: Documentary Competition - Best Cinematography Award
Astra Film - Romania, 2017: DocSchool Competition
Silver Eye Award - Czech Republic, 2017: Best Short Documentary nominee
Culese din Balcani - Romania, 2017
EntreVues Film Festival - France, 2017: Short Film Competition - Special Jury Mention

Upcoming screenings

Filmer le travail - 8 February at 4:30pm @ Tap Castille Cinema, Poitier - France. Followed by a Q&A session. The film is shown as part of the Main Competition.