After 20 meters of asphalt / După 20 de metri de asfalt

After 20 meters of asphalt is one of the two films made along with my fellow directors Robert Braga and Andrei Inizian during a documentary film workshop supported by Artoteca.

We filmed this in Benești, located in the south of Romania. Most of the houses from the village are located along the main road, so the little streets that intersect it were asphalted only 20 meters in depth. Not that there was anything more to see beyond those 20 meters, but curiosity took us further down the last collateral street where we found little Narcisa, Ionuț and Marian who seem to be isolated from the rest, beyond those 20 meters of asphalt.

After 20 meters of asphalt , 8:21 minutes
Documentary, 2015.