The Floating Bridge / Brudina

Brudina (a local word defining the floating bridge connecting the shores of a river) is a documentary essay about isolation, loneliness, and destiny. The life of the two protagonists is depicted in recurrent, concise detail, alternating with poetic, deeply atmospheric frames. The film reveals in no more than 17 minutes, a small revolute universe, a narrow world consisting only of the water flow, the two, shores, the movement of the floating bridge, the tension of the anchor chain cables and the gliding movement of the pulleys.

Directed by Dragoș Hanciu
Cinematography by Dragoș Hanciu
Editing by Iulian Nunu
Sound by Iulian Nunu, Ștefan Azahaioaie
Produced by UNATC Bucharest (film school)

Nominees, awards and screenings:

CineMAiubit ISFF - Romania, 2014: Documentary competition
Gopo Awards - Romania, 2015: Best short documentary nominee
Mediawave - Hungary, 2015: International competition
ESAV Corrida - France, 2015: Panorama section
Docuart, Romania, 2015 – Student competition - Cinematography award
Astra Film Festival Romania, 2015 – Made in Romania section
Chitila Film Fest, Romania, 2015 – Best short documentary award
Verzio International Human Rights Documentary Festival, Hungary, 2015 - Student Competition
Filmul de piatră, Romania, 2015 - Offcomp MIX
Lab111 Amsterdam, Holland, 2016 - DOC111 Short (screening)
Sommerloch exhibition curated by Michael Kosch @ Schleifmühlgasse 12-14 gallery in Wien, Ostriech, 04.08 - 05.09 2016